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The Leather Hospital are experts in restoring and repairing Leather furniture, from three-seater leather sofas to leather car interiors.

Leather items are lifetime purchases, as each one will last forever if properly looked after. Leather is a tough, versatile material, but it is still vulnerable to damage and can weather and begin to show its age over time. Sun-bleaching, scuffing, cracking and scratching are all the most likely causes of damage for furniture, but spills of hot liquids, staining and even more acute damage like ripping or puncturing are all possible for leather furniture, meaning the piece is left less attractive and less able to do its job.

At this point, you have three options: leave it like it is, at which point the damage will spread and get worse, snowballing into something worse; throw it away, wasting a perfectly good piece of furniture and opening yourself up to expensive replacement fees; or getting leather furniture repair experts to fix it for you.

The Leather Hospital have a lot of experience repairing leather furniture in Liverpool and Merseyside, from leather sofas and armchairs to dining chairs, car interiors and fixtures. They are equipped with an arsenal of tools to help deal with any kind of damage and work to preserve the integrity and feel of the overall piece while repairing any damage.

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Liverpool furniture restoration

Sometimes a piece of leather furniture is in need of more than simply repair – where it isn’t just damaged, but run down, weathered, and aged. In these cases, a more thorough restoration will be needed to restore the furniture to its former glory. The Leather Hospital have done hundreds of these restorations through the years, and are able to work through the core problems with an aging piece of furniture, restoring it to full functionality and its full beauty in no time.

As with our furniture repair service, our furniture restoration service works to keep the appearance and overall “feel” of the original piece, while correcting any underlying issues such as widespread bleaching, weathering or internal issues like dry rot, restoring the furniture to looking great and functioning as a strong, reliable piece that will be at your side for years.

Our furniture restorers operate in Liverpool and Merseyside, so if you have a piece of leather furniture you want to restore, don’t hesitate to give us a call. If the piece is too large or awkward to bring to us, let us know, and we’ll arrange picking it up for restoration. Your direction in the restoration efforts will also be taken into account where appropriate, as it can sometimes be difficult to determine the original colour or patterning of badly weathered leather. With our help, your leather furniture will be restored fully in no time!

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