12 May, 2016

Saving Time and Money with Sofa Restoration

Here at the Leather Hospital we don’t just work on jackets and bags – we also work heavily with sofas, armchairs and leather car seats, restoring them to their former glory for a fraction of the price of a new one.

At the Leather Hospital, we’ve got years of experience restoring all kinds of leather items, repairing rips and tears, removing scratches and scuffs, and patching wear and tear to bring a tired old item back up to the standard it was when it was brand new. Nowhere is this more important than with leather furniture, which can really perfect a room or property, and add a touch of class and elegance to any space – if it’s in good condition. Tattered or worn leather furniture can make even the most immaculate room seem ratty and poorly-kept, which is unfortunate, since leather furniture has so much wear and tear to put up with.

Scuffing, scratching, having hot drinks spilled on it, stretching and sun-bleaching… The list goes on. Once your leather furniture begins to show the signs of stress, you can either buy a new one… or have it looked at by The Leather Hospital.

Our services are far less expensive than a brand new leather sofa would be, not to mention the fact that a worn, aged piece of furniture may not have exact replicas still on sale, as the seller may not stock that model, or the retailer themself may have disappeared!

The problem becomes even worse when you consider hand-crafted or antique furniture, which obviously will not have “new” models that you can buy instead of your old, battered one. In situations like this one, restoring it somehow is the only way to avoid a complete change in decoration, but luckily, the Leather Hospital is set to take on the job. Seen below is a before-and-after shot of a sofa we restored this year, showing how the bleached, scratched and cracked leather was completely restored to a flawless dark sheen without any trace of the restoration showing on the antique wood components of the sofa. The ability to restore these leather furnishings without damaging any of the non-leather components is a point of pride for us, and can be seen again and again in our works.

If you’ve got a piece of leather furniture that is showing signs of wear and tear, you don’t need to splash huge money and time on a new one – all you need to do is call The Leather Hospital and let us know what you want us to fix!

Sofa Restoration 1

Sofa Restoration 2

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